Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Long Day

Hello this is Duggan here. Today we had a really long bus ride it was 6 hours! We had little stops on the way but it was realy long. After we got off the bus we went straight to learning about the Aboriginals... the men got to start off right away after the guy was done talking about all the different tools. The men got to start throwing spears! This was another highlight of my trip just like whip cracking. I've wanted to do it since I was a little kid. I was about 2 centemeters away from hitting a stick in the ground which Mr. Shelton did 2 times! After that we went and learned some syimbols for dot painting! I made one about us at Uluru around the campfire that the guy made. Then we all hopped on the bus and went to watch the sunset. And take pictures of Uluru. But we couldn't see the sunset. Then we went to dinner and I had steak and Emu sausage. Then we had to get on stage and do this gum tree song... it wasn't very fun. This is Duggan signing out.

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Duggan,

    Throwing spears and cracking whips, YEE HAH! Sounds like you are having an adventure. Have you been to the beach yet? We had adventures at Big Rock Creek too! We saw a BEAR!
    See you soon.

    Ms. T