Monday, June 1, 2009

A scalt day

Today we went on a flight to Cairns. After we got off the plane we went to a croc farm where we say more than just crocks. We saw wombats, snakes, and a koala! I was called up to stick both of my hands in a paint bucket which had something in it. So I stuck my hands in and felt a scaly thing immediately I knew it was a snake. When I opened my eyes and pulled it out fully, it was a huge python. I carried it around in the audience. The girls were the most scared.
The next animal was my second favorite, the snake was my first. It was a koala! The guy brought it in the audience. I got to pet it and we took some pictures with it! After that we went to dinner. We had steak, lasagna and other regular stuff. Well that’s about all - Duggan signing out!


  1. Hi, Duggan. I'm happy you're enjoying your trip! Do you think fifth graders are a good age to go on this trip or are you homesick a bit? I loved Australia when I visited as a teacher and am happily reliving all the memories through your blogs. Thanks so much for doing this.
    Miss Kasse

  2. This is fantastic - I love that you are carrying around the snake! Very proud of all you are doing, Duggan!

  3. Hey Duggan
    sounds like you are having a ball, hopefully we will see you on Saturday

    The Pedwells

  4. wow did the snake bite you?
    i hope your having fun