Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Reef

G'day mates!
Duggan here from Australia.
Yesterday we went snorkiling in the Great Barrier Reef and it was awsome! First we started the day by getting up at 4 A.M! Then we took a boat out to Orphius Island. Once we got on the island we hung around and waited for the second group on the boat to get there. We saw, while we were waiting, baby Black Tip Reef Sharks and Baby Leopard Sharks. We got like 1 Meter away from them! Once they got there we went and had a saftey talk about the reef, island and other first aid and sanitary stuff. Then we tramped off to morning tea and had hot coco and some people had fruit. After our wet suits were all on after tea we headed off to the reef. It was an amazing sight! Seeing all the fish and coral swimming around we had to watch a fish for five minutes and we didn't get any data- well me and my partner didn't. Because we would find a fish and look at it and follow it for about five seconds and then it would swim away. Well that's my story today Duggan signing out!

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  1. Hi Duggan,

    Wow you were close to sharks, how exciting! I love the task you had of trying to watch a fish for five minutes. Now I know why you watched Finding Nemo, Disney meets DSA. Can't wait to see you and hear all the details.

  2. I bet that island was awesome. Wish I could have been there with you. Did you see the stars at night out there? See you soon!