Thursday, June 4, 2009


G'day mates!
Duggan here from Australia.
Today we got back to Reef H.Q. We went and we analyzed the data we collected yesterday. After we were done we walked to the mall and bought stuff... lots of stuff. All the boys went in one group and allmost all the girls went in one group. Some people bought shoes and some shirts. We, the boys, stopped at a supermarket and it was awesome!
Well that's about all for today.
Duggan signing out!

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  1. Duggan,
    Sounds like you have been having a great time.
    Are Australian supermarkets a lot different than those in the U.S.?
    Mrs. Jensen's mom

  2. Hi Duggan,
    I have been following your news daily. You are having some amazing adventures. The class has been logging in and reading your news as well. We are all so excited about the three of you returning. You will have to be patient if we are all bombarding you with questions. Enjoy the remainder of your trip.
    Ms. Carolyn

  3. Did you get me Tim Tams!!?? That's all I ask for. Can't wait to see you on Sunday.