Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Day at the Aquarium

Hi Duggan here from Australia! Yesterday we got at an aqairium and went and got tours and speeches about the reef. First when we got there. We had a talk about stuff about the reef. e of my head and out the other. After we did an activity about the talk that I thought was kinda and fun at the same time. Then we had morning tea where we had juice fruit and cookies! It was realy good. It was realy basicly like that the whole day. But in between we did some realy fun things like explaning how they balance all their ships, tourists, fishers and all that other suff out. Then at the end of the day we all went to bed but every was talking. And when people would check on us we would all pretend to be asleep. Of course I was really asleep. Zooxanthellae sounds like frozen jelly is tiny algea or sea weed that lives in the coral. Well that's about all from me Duggan signing out!

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  1. Kids pretending to be asleep... Ahhh sounds just like home.

  2. Any blog that includes the word "zooxanthellae" and have it make sense is a blog for me!! And it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at the aquarium. Can't wait to hear about the snorkeling you've been doing!
    Love, Dad